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Author: Ian Peacock

Sunday Playlist: Songs for Palm Sunday

Some songs which explore some of the aspects of Palm Sunday and, in particular, Luke’s account in chapter 19 of his gospel.

Sunday Playlist: Be Strong In The Lord And In His Mighty Power

After the first week of increased isolation and widespread fear in the UK, we are focusing on Paul’s letter to the Ephesian church, specifically chapter 6.

Sunday Playlist:Songs About
God's Faithfulness
and Purpose

Sunday Playlist: Songs About God’s Faithfulness and Purpose

Some songs which explore God’s faithfulness and purpose in uncertain times. They explore the theme in a variety of ways and will really encourage us.

From D-Day to V.E. Day: an Advent message

We must never lose sight of the fact that we struggle in hope and in certainty of final victory.

Fasting – a discipline of waiting

For centuries the church has observed Advent as a time of preparation for the celebration of Jesus’ birth at Christmas.

Contemporary Christmas Songs

As Christmas is almost upon us, we want to introduce a couple of contemporary songs.

New songs for a new series on Romans

We’re going to introduce a couple of songs which we think will fit well with our new series looking at Romans

Will Reagan & United Pursuit – live in Manchester for one night only!

The excellent United Pursuit Band from Knoxville, Tennessee, will be playing one date in Manchester on Thursday 21st August.

A song about joy

A song about joy

We’re introducing another new song this Sunday, to put words to our thoughts about joy, and to help us articulate a response to God.

Seeking justice for asylum seekers

Seeking justice for asylum seekers

Standing up for the rights of the oppressed and poor is not some add on to the gospel message. It is right at the centre of God’s commands for his people.

New series, new song

New series, new song

Sunday will mark the start of a new sermon series looking at the Fruit of the Spirit – here’s a new song we’ll be using this week.

New song for Sunday

New Song For Sunday – The Spirit of Jubilee

The concept of ‘Jubilee’ contained radical instructions for the way the people of God were to deal with work, loans, land, and the treatment of the poor.