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Author: Morag Peacock

Kids Resources – Acts 8:2-25

Here’s some videos, games, craft and music for you & your kids, linked to the Bible passage we’re looking at in church this week, Acts 8:2-25, including a magic trick…

Kids Resources: Acts 6:8-8:1

This week we’re looking at Acts Chapter 6:8-8:1, the story of Stephen, his death and the start of the church’s persecution, so we’ve got some videos, craft and a song from Ian to help you explore the tory with your children.

Kids Resources – Acts Chapter 6:1-7

This week we carry on with the book of Acts and we’re up to Chapter 6 1-7. This short passage sees the early church deal with a bit of conflict within itself. We’ve put together some great games, videos and craft to inspire you, as well as a brilliant song from Ian. It’s one of my favourites…

Kids Resources – Acts Chapter 5:12-42

Our Kids Resources for this week. In Acts 5:12-42 we see how God looked after the apostles even in prison and they had no fear telling people about Jesus.

Kids Resources – Acts Chapter 4:32-5:11

This week we’ve got a range of resources for you; videos, puzzles, colouring and craft for Acts 4:32-5:11, the story of Ananias and Sapphira.

Kids Resources: Acts 4:1-31

This week we’ve got resources for Acts 4:1-31, where the Holy Spirit gave Peter & John words to make them sound like they had been educated and studied the law, even though they were just ordinary tradesmen.

Kids Resources: Acts Chapter 3

This week we’re looking at Acts Chapter 3 where a disabled beggar is healed, right outside the temple and Peter used the opportunity this spectacle caused, to tell the crowd that understandably gathered, that the healing was done in the name of Jesus and that they needed to repent and accept Him as the Messiah.

Kids Resources: Acts 2:42-47

This week is slightly different in that the resources are being made available earlier, so that you can use them on a Sunday morning while the service is on, if that’s more helpful in enabling you to have the time to use them/show them to your children.

Kids Resources: Acts 2:14-41

This week we see Peter talk to the crowd that had gathered, after they’d started to declare the wonders of God in many other languages.

Kids Resources: Acts 2:1-12

Today we are thinking about how the Holy Spirit helps us to communicate with others, even when we think it’ll be impossible.

Kids Resources: Acts 1:12-26

Today we look at the rest of Acts Chapter 1 and how the disciples now decide to choose someone to take the place of Judas.

Kids Resources: Acts Chapter 1

Some ideas of things for you to do with your children this week, in the absence of Kids Church. This week, we begin looking at Acts.