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Kids Resources: Acts 2:14-41

Hi everyone, hope this week has been a good one!

This week we’re looking at the next part of Acts Chapter 2. Here we see Peter talk to the crowd, (backed by the other 11 disciples), that had gathered after they’d started to declare the wonders of God in many other languages. He basically reframes their long followed story of faith in God with the knowledge that Jesus is the Messiah, He fulfils God’s promises and that what they’ve just seen was always part of the plan and what they’ve been waiting for, it just doesn’t look like what they were expecting. Like we mentioned last week, he tells them all they need to know in a way that fits in with what they already believed and in a way he knows they will understand.

Hopefully there’s something from the stuff below that you can use with your household and, as always, please ask your parents to share on our Beyond Sunday Facebook group, the Salford Elim Facebook page, or post them on Twitter or Instagram and tag us @SalfordElim, so other children can see what you’ve got up to.