Kids Resources: Acts 2:1-12

Hi Everyone, hope you’re all doing ok 😊

This week we’re looking at Acts Chapter 2:1-12 and I’ve included a video of me going through this resource as best I can without being present to interact with anyone (!) It does mean that I ask some questions and so it might be helpful to your child/children if you could ask them after they’ve watched it, if there was anything they wanted to discuss further.

As always, go through what’s here and decide which bits you’d like to do with your household, there’s no expectation for you to do it all! And feel free to share anything your child/children have done with the church Facebook page, or with any other church kid’s via their carers (if you need a contact number, please ask and I can check with people and then pass it on), as a way to try and connect them with each other and with church.

Today we are thinking about how the Holy Spirit helps us to communicate with others, even when we think it’ll be impossible. We’ll think about how we communicate the gospel, and do we adapt depending on who we are speaking to and what opportunities lock-down could create for us to share in a new way or with others we haven’t yet.



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