Kids Resources: The Armour of God

Hello! 🙌 How are you getting on? As mentioned on Sunday, we will be sharing something for you to do with your children weekly, in the absence of Kids Church and this is this week’s offering!

Our hope is that it will provide a bit of a base for you to work from and that most of it can be done through conversation over a mealtime. We’ve tried to make something not too screen-heavy, as I’m sure many of us are trying to limit this. I think it’s a good idea for you to have a quick read of it before settling down to go through it, as you might want to make your own adjustments to suit your children/ignore some of the ideas you don’t want to have to deal with…

Also, you’ve probably already thought about this and seized the opportunity to help/make (😉) your kids get into a daily Bible reading routine. We all know it should be a priority, but we also know how many other things are fighting for our attention daily and get in the way

Speaking from experience, we had a good habit when the kids were little, they started to maintain their own and then, about 2 years ago, because we as parents dropped the ball, we realised 3 of our 4 (no names, that’s tight), had got out of the daily habit and were much more relaxed about reading their Bibles. So, in our house, we’ve laid down some more rules to get them back into the habit in the hope that it will become their own again.

Below are some of the books we’ve used along the way with our lot. Obviously, there are hundreds of alternatives out there, so I’d encourage you to have a gander and choose something for yours if you haven’t already. 😊

For under 4s: we just read to them from Children’s Bible books.

For 4-12yr olds (ish): Table Talk – a series of Bible discovery books for families to do together. The idea is that each one takes about 5 minutes and is ideal to do at tea-time.

For 7-10yr olds: XTB (eXploreTheBible) – a series of daily Bible reading notes with puzzles, pictures and prayers.

For 11-13yr olds: Discover – a series of daily Bible reading notes with puzzles/tasks.

For 14-21yr olds: Engage – a series of daily Bible reading notes.

I hope you enjoy doing this together.

It might not always be easy but, in time, hopefully as we all get used to it, we will be able to give and get more from it.

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