Midweek Musings – Neither An Amoeba Nor The Star

To badly paraphrase the psalmist, you are lower than the angels, but far above the amoebas. You’re the one that bears the glory of the creator, you’re the one known and seen and valued. You’re the one that may have been overlooked, whose contribution many only be truly recognised when you can’t offer it any longer.

Offer Grace – Be Generous

People are hungry. Hungry for change, for hope and sometimes for food.

It can feel hard to know how to respond.

If we follow Jesus, we can do what he did – feed them – and in so doing inherit the promises that come to this sort of life.

Midweek Musings – Australian birds, miracles and stories

What happens to a species if the music starts to die, or when their songs become corrupted or their singers have never heard the original tunes?

Share Grace – A New Future

Our Easter service, looking at what happened when Jesus met with Peter and other disciples, and the new future He offers.

Midweek Musings – Failure and the Unexpected

At the heart of Christianity is an account of failure.

Politicians failed, being swept along by a mob’s cancel culture.

Justice failed, money changed hands and the innocent paid the price.

Friends failed to keep their promises.

Light turned to darkness.

Jesus died.

Nothing changed…

Share Grace – Eating with Jesus

On Monday we can have a picnic with another household in a park or a garden. So, if rain doesn’t stop us, who will we invite?

What if Jesus was already sitting there, would that influence who would get the invite?

We will think about why getting the invitation list right is crucial!

Midweek Musings – One Year On and Still Zooming!

It’s been a long 12 months.

But there is light at the end of the tunnel. The roll out of vaccinations has meant that we can hope that relaxing the restrictions we have lived under will come to an end soon, even if we will have to accept that face masks will continue to be uncomfortable fashion accessories…

Share Grace – Radical Acceptance

Hospitality challenges us to look past our own judgemental attitudes and radically accept one another, to become a community that transforms those around us.

Midweek Musings – We Are On The Move

On Sunday we shared the news that we will be moving to St James, Eccles Old Road when we begin to meet again in person as a church.

Here’s some FAQs…

Share Grace – The Good, the Bad, the Beautiful

Church communities can be a haven for brittle, petty people. But they can also be beautiful signposts of the Kingdom of God.

What does it take to grow these beautiful places?

What can we do to make them a reality?

Midweek Musings – Why 1% Isn’t Enough

Throughout last year, we were encouraged to support the NHS. So children drew pictures to put in their windows, councils painted slogans on roads, we stood at doorsteps clapping week after week, we stayed away from the surgeries and A&E. And it was genuine – we were and are immensely grateful and proud of those who were in hospitals at a time when no one really knew how things would develop.

That’s why a 1% rise in pay became an issue last Wednesday.

Because it’s not enough to say that you are grateful, if your actions suggest something different…

Share Grace – Creating Community

Jesus’ gracious hospitality leads us to offer the same invitations to others.

As we start to recover from the effects of a global pandemic, our need for community is greater than ever.

We can look to the early church for some inspiration – the first Spirit-filled fellowship.

We're on the move!