We’re on the move…

We recently announced that we will be moving to St James on Eccles Old Road, once we begin to meet again in person as a church. We currently expect for this to happen in June.

We see it as an answer to prayer. Here’s a video of Neil making the announcement, during one of our services in March.

Neil also recently did an interview with Gareth, the vicar at St James, who told us why he’s excited about us moving into the building.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When will we begin in-person services again?

We are planning to begin in June. This gives both churches enough time to prepare.

2. What time will we meet:

St James will continue to worship on Sunday mornings, but at an earlier time. We will begin our services at 11.30 and finish at 1.00. You might want to plan to arrive earlier so that you can catch up with people. We are not planning to offer refreshments at the end of the service, because we know you will want to get home for lunch etc. You might want to make sure you have a good brunch before you come!

3. What will happen with Junior Church?

They will meet in the church hall. We will ensure that the provision we give to the children continues to be as good as it can be.

4. Will we keep streaming the service via YouTube?

We intend to keep streaming the service for any folks who are unable to meet in person.

5. Will the building be uncomfortable?

The building is large – it will hold around 300-320 people, so it will be a very different experience than Holy Angels! No more claustrophobia! But it will be cooler than Holy Angels ever was. So be prepared for that! And there are pews not chairs, so if you know that might affect your back, then bring cushions or seat pads with you. But remember, other Christians have been worshipping there since 1861.

6. Does this mean we are leaving the Height? What about the Vine?

The work of the Vine will develop as we have explained. It will no longer be a trading café, but will become a community hub, offering space for people to meet, take part of different groups, receive the hospitality that we can offer there. We want our mission influence to extend.

7. Will we not be very close to Elmwood?

We will be close to Elmwood, but we do not see ourselves in competition with them in any way. We will let them know we are coming and when we can work in collaboration with them, we will, just as we have done with the Methodists, Catholics, Anglicans and Mount Chapel on the Height.

8. Will activities such as Play and Stay move to St James?

Yes, that is our intention.

9. Is there parking?

There will be spaces for around 40 cars behind the church in the car park. If that is not enough you can park in the pay and display in the hospital round the corner. You can’t park on the roads around the church.

10. There is a bell tower, can we ring them?

Not immediately!

If there are things that we have missed, don’t hesitate to ask!

We’ll also keep this page updated as we get more details, so please do bookmark this page and check back over the next few months as we plan our move.

We're on the move!