God’s at work to bring about his plans

Paul’s letter to the Romans is the big one. It was written to a church that Paul hadn’t visited, and so wasn’t dealing with problems in the church. It seems to have been more of a case of Paul introducing himself to the Christians in Rome before a visit.

To the Christians in the crowded, rich and powerful city, Paul wants to remind them that God has a bigger and a better future than any emperor could offer the empire. The big irony was that God had worked through the death of Jesus, killed by the Romans, who overcame death by resurrection to change the whole course of history.

We will take some time to explore the letter, trying to get to grips with all that Paul is saying, whilst trying to understand what it means to follow Jesus in our world.

Lots of people in Rome must have thought that the early Christians were crazy for trusting in their messiah. The truth is that the Roman empire fell apart in distant history, whereas God’s plans still are being unfolded.

People may think Christians are crazy for believing the gospel.

But there is good news, and it is about Jesus, and is experienced through Jesus. And if there was ever a time when people want to know if life can make sense, it’s now.

Come and experience the good news for yourself. Life will never be the same again.