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Kids Resources (January 2021)

Here are the resources for the month of January. The idea is, rather than the weekly resources I was doing, once a month I will put something out that links to the main Sunday services where possible, and you can use this with your children at any point over the month. Please feel free to use whatever bits you want, whenever suits you best.

Following Jesus With Tears

If you’re never going to see someone again, you think hard about what to say. You say what matters, and you might say it with tears.

Paul speaks to a group of leaders and through them to the church and reminds them of what is really important – both then and now.

And he says it with tears.

Kids Resources – Acts 18:18-28

This week we look at Acts Chapter 18:18-28 – it gives us a bit of a break from Paul (!) and introduces Apollos…

Kids Resources – Acts 17:16-34

We are up to Acts Chapter 17 and are looking at the rest of the chapter. Boom.

Here’s a variety of videos, crafts and other useful things to help your child/ren read and learn from this week’s Bible passage.

Uncomfortable Mission – The Troubling Word

When Christians say that Jesus is Lord, it can sound spiritual, holy even. When people heard it being said in the 1st century, they knew just how subversive that was…

Kids Resources – Acts 17:1-15

Paul and Silas arrive in Thessalonica where some people were happy to listen to them about Jesus, some people were really cross about it and some really wanted to know if Paul was telling the truth…

Uncomfortable Mission – When It’s Difficult

Paul and Silas continue on the mission to Philippi, but very soon life becomes increasingly difficult.

What can we learn from their story, about continuing in missional activity, when life gets difficult?

Kids Resources – Acts 16:16-40

This week we are carrying on looking at Acts; this time chapter 16:16-40 with Paul and Silas in prison.

Here are a range of resources to help your child/ren read and learn from this Bible story.

Uncomfortable Mission – When It’s Unclear

A mixed race man, a group unsure why their plans had been disrupted, a meeting with a woman outside a city.

Luke paints a series of small portraits of people making sense of life as God opens up something that none of them could have anticipated.

God does lead us, but sometimes we need to train ourselves to make sense of what He is opening up for us…

Kids Resources – Acts 16:1-15

This week we’re looking the story of Lydia in Acts 16, a businesswoman who sells purple cloths, things and dyes!

The Threat Of Loss – Taking A Risk Of Trust

With each step forward that the mission took, it feels as though there were forces pushing back. Sometimes the opposition was obvious, things were threatened because of internal relationships. Paul and Barnabas had a massive, full on shouting row about a young man, John Mark who had left them. Barnabas wanted to give him a second chance, Paul thought that would be unwise.

How do we make sense of the moments where we know we have really messed up and need to be given another chance? How do we know when to give people a chance?

Kids Resources – Acts 15:36-41

This week we will be focusing on the last few verses of Chapter 15 and the topic of disagreement, a subject I’m sure we have little to no experience in…

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