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Palm Sunday

Jesus entering Jerusalem on a donkey; on the sides are the people cheering him and the Jewish leaders trying to stop him; behind are the disciples following him. Where do you feel you are in this picture?

Sunday Playlist: Songs for Palm Sunday

Some songs which explore some of the aspects of Palm Sunday and, in particular, Luke’s account in chapter 19 of his gospel.

Kids Resources: Palm Sunday & Good Friday

Some ideas of things for you to do with your children this week, in the absence of Kids Church. This week, Palm Sunday and Good Friday.

Mary anoints Jesus

The anointing of Jesus by Mary is in all 4 gospels – all the writers thought that this was an important part of Jesus’ story.

The 3 crowds | Luke 19

The 3 crowds (Luke 19)

Jesus and his enthusiastic entourage embark on the final leg of their journey to Jerusalem. The scene is alive with theatre and with prophetic significance. Where do we stand in this story? And do we need a fresh perspective?

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