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Prayer As Hope

Paul’s prayer for the Ephesians reminds us of the core business of prayer – that we may know God better.

Praying In Times Of Political Uncertainty

In times of political upheaval and uncertainty, how should Christians pray? As we look to the early church fathers, we may be challenged by their example.

How To Pray On Difficult Days

How To Pray On Difficult Days

Even when we are facing the consequences of our own poor judgement, we can be sure that God is ready to lift up our heads to face the day.

Resources To Help You Pray For Politicians

Resources To Help You Pray For Politicians

We can feel confused and paralysed by where to begin praying for our politicians. To help you, we’ve collected together some useful resources to help you.

Prayer at Salford Elim

Prayer is really important, and we want it to undergird all that we do as a church and as individuals.

Do something new – Prayer

Prayer shapes us, teaches us to pray on behalf of others, and causes us to stop and listen. Let’s train our minds to pray with others in mind.

Latest news

A couple of events this weekend

There are a couple of events happening this weekend, that we wanted to make you aware of.

Partners in Prayer

Partners in Prayer

Salford Prayer have just launched a new initiative, called Partners in Prayer, which has the vision of seeing every single church in Salford partnering with one another, encouraging one another, valuing one another, helping each another to make disciples for Jesus.

Week of Prayer: Saturday’s Prayer Point

Pray that we will know the rhythms of grace, that we will rest well.

Pray that our lives will be full and abundant.

Pray that we will know how to live well.

Week of Prayer: Friday’s Prayer Point

Pray that we will have compassionate hearts for the poor and dispossessed in the city.

Many of the church work directly with these people either in voluntary capacities or through employment.

It’s easy to become hard-hearted.

Pray that we won’t.

Week of Prayer: Thursday’s Prayer Point

Pray that we will have wisdom as we make decisions that will affect the future of the church.

Pray that we will know how to include everyone’s gifts into the life of the church and that the church will keep changing shape as people offer all that God has given them.

Week of Prayer: Wednesday’s Prayer Point

Pray for the ministry of The Vine Cafe.

Pray that it will thrive as a business, but also be the means of many people coming to know Jesus.