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Important Information for Launch Day (This Sunday!)

Ahead of our Launch Sunday service this week, I just wanted to remind you of a couple of important things…

Midweek Musings – Getting Back to ‘Normal’

Now there are people to see, families to visit, holidays to arrange. Life to live. We might not be back to fully ‘normal’; but it’s in sight…

Midweek Musings – Nostalgia ain’t what it used to be

How do you celebrate the past without making it into something it never was? How do you talk about the past that was good without giving the impression that nothing can ever match it in the present or the future?

Midweek Musings – Why this man matters to me but not to you

I have never met him. I couldn’t. But there something about this small, bow-legged, hard-working character that I carry in me…

Midweek Musings – Why I Always Lose At Cards

Growing up in the Salvation Army gave me lots of things, but it never helped me to play cards. I think they thought that you would start with solitaire and before you knew it you would have lost your house betting on a five card stud. (See: those last three words run together well, but I have no idea if they actually mean anything.)

Midweek Musings – What Time Is It?

Some days, time seems to fly and life can feel short. Don’t let it all drift away from you. Know the time and how you will live your life in such a way that brings glory to God.

Midweek Musings – Making Sense Of Who I Am Becoming

If you think of all the hats you are wearing at the moment, which ones no longer fit well? In reality there are some things you can’t change but from time to time it’s good to look at all you are doing and ask whether this is a time for change to happen.

Midweek Musings – Making Sense Of Where I Am

We want to live our lives to the glory of God, but we can get scared that we will make a mistake…

Midweek Musings – LOD, OCGs and the search for H (Disappointments & Real Life)

There is the promise of a day where all will be put right. Until that day, we will fight injustice, stand for truth, believe in righteousness…

Offer Grace – Be Open

Some sermons should be quite short. Essentially sometimes we just need to hear someone say: so do it!

This one does that, but not through gritted teeth. God has form when it comes to showing up unexpectedly when you invite strangers to stay for tea.

It’s always worth the risk!

Midweek Musings – Rumours Of Angels

We should welcome strangers with open arms, because in the past some have met messengers of God (angels) without knowing it…

Midweek Musings – Why Jesus Was Right About Football

The plan for a new European Super League is a good reminder how easy it is to leave Jesus-roots behind. It never happens overnight, it creeps up. But eventually you find yourself a long way from the Master

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