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Midweek Musings – Salford’s Worrying Happiness Levels

The government wants us all to be healthier by 2040. They’ve measured how healthy our personal lives are, how healthy the public areas in our towns and cities are and what we are doing to stay healthy.

I’ve got bad news: Salford isn’t doing too well…

Midweek Musings – Harry, Elizabeth, a Small Man and Service

This Sunday we will read the story of a small man with a big reputation who found that he had to set an extra place at the table for Jesus. If you grew up in Sunday School, you sang about the man, acted the story out, coloured in the pictures. Once you’ve met him, you never forget Zachaeus

Receive Grace – An Undemanding Guest

Jesus is coming for tea. There’s so much to prepare for such an important guest.

But Jesus is the most undemanding of guests, and what He wants more than a great meal and a spotless house is to spend time with you.

Will you make time for Him?

Midweek Musings – Knowing Your Place

Have you ever wondered whether others are asking: What is s/he doing here? Who does s/he think s/he is?

It’s the feeling that maybe you don’t have the right to be in the conversation, or the experience to be in the team, or the skills to be used in a task.

Most of us have only got just-enough security, that it doesn’t take much for us to be destabilised. And the thought that people might be asking these questions can really rock us…

Midweek Musings – Nothing says ‘I love you’ like a £140 takeaway

Excessive displays of adoration are always embarrassing for those watching on. It’s hard not to make a joke about it, or whisper some catty remark, or groan grumpily. After all, who wants to watch this emotional incontinence?

Midweek Musings – The Power Of Hospitality

In a few months there will be opportunities to meet with groups of people again. In restaurants, coffee shops or in our homes. I’ve missed that so much.

But it’s coming, so it’s time to prepare ourselves. After a year of distance, we need to be ready to receive one another again.

It’s time to think about who you will want to invite.

Midweek Musings – No Neat Endings

A good ending is important.

Do ever turn to the end of a book to see how it ends so you can relax into the story? Or is that just me?

Do you ever to the end of a film and ask ‘is that it?’, feeling somehow cheated at the loose ends that haven’t been tied, or worse, with a feeling that the actors and directors got bored and just stopped!

Midweek Musings – Caught In A Storm

You may be in the storm. But you know the God who is bigger than the storms. The storm may go on much longer than you would wish. But you are there for a purpose.

Midweek Musings – The Power Of Our Words

It takes courage to speak when you know that your views will be at odds with the prevailing culture. It’s hard to put your head above the parapet. I think it might become more normal for us to be shamed publicly for the views we hold. We might need to be ready to be unpopular.

Midweek Musings – Developing A Healthy Life

This year we are going to need the strength that God can give to live well. That won’t happen just by hoping. I’m going to need to keep doing the things that I know will make the difference. And I need to start now.

Midweek Musings: It Begins With Yes

Our conversation drew to a close. There was a pregnant pause. I waited. She said yes. She understood little of what would follow…

Midweek Musings – It Begins Small

Christmas used to begin with the film of the Coca Cola Truck arriving on TV. This year Christmas begins with the delivery of the vaccines that just might change everything.

But like many things it all began in relative obscurity…