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Category: Music

Nothing But Love

This music video tells the story of the crucifixion in a 21st century setting. I think it’s pretty powerful – what do you think?

Linkin Park’s Latest Song ‘The Catalyst’

I came across this latest song from Linkin Park recently, and I was struck by its powerful lyrics, and so thought I’d share it with you. [youtube]bftTUAIVMUQ[/youtube] I’d love to hear your thoughts on this song, so please let me know what you think of it by leaving a comment below.

Chair and Microphone, Vol. 4

Released this week is the latest in a series of albums released by Enter the Worship Circle, which all have a very simple concept; a singer/songwriter in a studio, performing their songs. No fancy production tricks, no auto-tune on the vocals. Just one person in a room, bearing their soul. This time it’s the turn…
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