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24/7 Prayer 2010

After the success of last year’s 24/7 prayer event, we’re holding another week of continual prayer in the church from 4th – 10th July. We’ve invited other churches from across our city to join us as we pray for Salford, for the Kingdom of God, for the church and for each other. Last year it…
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Is Prayer Your Steering Wheel Or Your Spare Wheel? (Cornelia ten Boom)

Steering Wheel Or Spare Tyre?

(Thanks to Nadine for the picture)

Praying Beyond The Sick List

Prayer’s something lost of us need to practice a bit harder!   We can be sure that God hears, it’s just that we are not always certain what to ask.  I came across an article that I found helpful.  It suggests that: Sometimes we ask God to change our circumstances—heal the sick, give us daily…
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A Prayer…

Below is a copy of the prayer that Nadine wrote & shared during our “Coming To The Cross” 24/2 prayer, for you to read and reflect on. Lord, You have searched me and You know me. You know the temptations I battle with, the pain I’ve suffered, the loss I live with and the sins…
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Coming To The Cross

This “Coming to the Cross” 24/2 prayer is about reflection; a space and time to come and remember again the sacrifice that Jesus made for us. It will also be a time for us to think about our church, think and pray over the different ministries we are a part of, and remember how the…
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When You Can’t Pray

Discussion points about the book ‘When You Can’t Pray’