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Category: Sermons

Being Called To Be Church – Unafraid and Unashamed

Paul was imprisoned but not intimidated, because he knew the risen Jesus and the promise that God would be with him on days like these.

Being Called To Be Church – The End of the Beginning

Paul’s third missionary journey was chaotic. He faced confrontation head-on but he also knew when to walk away. We often need wisdom to know the difference.

Being Called To Be Church – Clashing With Culture

The gospel will be good news for some, but bad news for those who stand in opposition to its principles.

Being Called To Be Church – Filled With The Holy Spirit

The Spirit who birthed the church at Pentecost continues to breathe life in to us, so that we can be more than we could ever be on our own.

Being Called To Be Church – Communicating With Culture

When Paul visited Athens, he saw a culture full of worship. How do we respond to our own culture and its objects of worship?

Being Called To Be Church – Seizing New Opportunities

Sometimes, God blocks doors in order for his plan to be accomplished. How do we embrace the opportunities God presents to us?

Being Called To Be Church – Church Fights

Unfortunately, church can often be a place of conflict and hurt. How do we disagree well?

Being Called To Be Church – Standing for Christ: Never Straightforward

Three short stories in the growth of the early church show how Christians stood against deceit, stood for more and stood out as different.

Being Called To Be Church – Daring To Believe It’s Not Over

The story of the early church reminds us that there are days when God does amazing wonders and there are other days when everything seems to be lost.

Being Called To Be Church – Changes That Start New Stories

These stories of Paul and Peter show how God speaks to each one of us differently and wraps us in to his ambitious plans.