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The Return of the Church – Resisting Frustration

You start doing something significant. You know it will make a difference and then it begins. It might start with small bugging frustrations but they all pile up until it would be easy to walk away.

How do you keep going?

Ezra 4-6 is a long story of a community finding a way to manage the oppositions, hold ups and snags along the way.

The Return of the Church – Restarting Worship Together

In the wake of a political miracle, Israel arrived back in their land. There was so much to do: houses to build, a temple to rebuild, a city to renovate, food to be grown and borders to protect.

But first they worshipped.

They knew that regular worship would define them, shape them, remind them of their identity. It still does.

It might not be a perfect experience, but it is the most important thing that the returning church must do.

The Return of the Church – Restarting a Story Together

The book of Ezra is the account of the regathering of God’s people. God had never given up on them even when they were invisible to the rest of the world. But the day came when they became visible again.In doing so they began to rediscover what it meant to be God’s people.

The lessons are as relevant as ever – especially to us in a new building.

Making Sense – What Could The Future Be?

Every morning we wake up and enter a future that we have not yet encountered. This future will be shaped in part by all the decisions we have taken up to this point, but as followers of Jesus, it will also be shaped by the way we see our lives joining in with God’s Big Story…

Making Sense – What Time Is It?

As the ancient sage said: there’s a time for everything… including change.

But how do we know what time it is for us? What is it too late for? What is it just the right time for?

When thinking about change, being able to tell the time makes all the difference.

Making Sense – Who Am I Becoming?

Change is inevitable. It happens to us all, and it affects us all. How we respond to that change will be different for each of us.

How can we ensure that we embrace the changes that will be good news for us in a way that will help us grow closer to God?

Making Sense – Where Am I?

There are times in life when it feels like we should be making changes, we just might not know what to change or how. We’ve got to start somewhere – the place where we already are.

Offer Grace – Be Aware

There’s an art to living well amongst people you may differ with. Where do you draw the line? Do you need to draw a line?

It’s an age old problem for followers of Jesus and one Paul offered guidance about when he wrote to a small group of Christians in a large cosmopolitan Greek city.

His advice is still worth hearing…

Offer Grace – Be Gracious

We’ve spent a good deal of time looking at how we offer hospitality to one another, but what does it look like to offer hospitality to those people we find difficult to deal with?

How can we change the story?

Offer Grace – Be Generous

People are hungry. Hungry for change, for hope and sometimes for food.

It can feel hard to know how to respond.

If we follow Jesus, we can do what he did – feed them – and in so doing inherit the promises that come to this sort of life.

Share Grace – A New Future

Our Easter service, looking at what happened when Jesus met with Peter and other disciples, and the new future He offers.

Share Grace – Eating with Jesus

On Monday we can have a picnic with another household in a park or a garden. So, if rain doesn’t stop us, who will we invite?

What if Jesus was already sitting there, would that influence who would get the invite?

We will think about why getting the invitation list right is crucial!

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