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Choose Light

A beautiful poem with a beautiful animation.

Two Very Moving Videos

I just stumbled across this story and it really moved me. Maybe it will help some of you…

Are You A ‘Religious Nerd’?

Watch this video for a humorous guide to all the classic signs.

Hope Of The Broken World

Have a listen to this new song by Selah, from their next album due for release in August. Powerful words, combined with close harmonies, laid over a stripped-back guitar, makes for a great song!

Rabbit In Your Headlights

Rabbit In Your Headlights

Have you ever had days where you’ve felt like the man in this video; walking along, minding your own business and trying to get on with life, but you just feel like you’re constantly being attacked from all sides? But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power is…
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Silent Transitions

A short video about looking for moments of silence & stillness in our busy lives. Inspired by two verses from Scripture – 2 Samuel 22:20 and Psalm 46:10.

Resurrection Story Of Jesus Christ, Twitter Style

This video tells the story of Jesus like it would be told on Twitter today.



At the heart of the historical Jesus story is the provocative, compelling, subversive, beautiful insistence that nothing can ever be the same again, not after resurrection.


A series of images created to go with the song ‘Why’ by Nichole Nordeman, from our Easter service a couple of years ago.

My Last Day

I’d be interested to know what you think of this anime video based on Jesus’ crucifixion.

Nothing But Love

I recently found my mind returning to this music video, which I originally posted a few months ago. It retells the Easter story in a 21st century setting. Watch it all the way through – I think it’s pretty powerful…

This Kingdom

A very powerful video looking at the Kingdom of God, and how it fits into the reality of our day to day lives.