Amos: An introduction

Here’s a short introduction to the book of Amos, which we’re looking at over the next few weeks in our Sunday morning services at Salford Elim Church.

People in 33AD knew that people didn’t rise from the dead – that would just be ridiculous…

There’s sometimes an assumption that people in Jesus’ time would have more readily believed that people could rise from the dead.


Have you ever thought about worship being anything other than for and to God alone?

What if the church saw blood and organ donation as part of its giving? |

Flesh and blood

What if the church saw blood and organ donation as part of its giving?

Is justice worth it?

Here’s the short video about justice that Neil used on Sunday.

Alpha | Keep searching

Bear Grylls on how to survive The Alpha Course

Have you got worries about coming along to our next Alpha Course? Well help is on hand, as Bear Grylls gives his advice on how to survive…

Music band

New song for tomorrow: ‘Holy (What Heart Could Hold)’ by Matt Redman

We’re introducing a new song at church in the morning, so I thought you might want to have a listen beforehand, if you have time.

Christmas Story (Part 4)

Every Sunday through December I’ve been sharing a short video which reflects on the Christmas story. In this final video, following His birth, Jesus is taken to Jerusalem to be presented to God…

Christmas Story (Part 3)

This week, a census is called by Caesar Augustus…

Christmas Story (Part 2)

This week, shepherds watching their flocks at night are visited by an angel…

Christmas Story (Part 1)

The angel Gabriel visits Mary, and tells her that she’s going to have a son…

My Beloved Prodigal Son

I thought I’d share this powerful video inspired by the story of the prodigal son, which really gets across some of the emotions that the son must have been feeling in the story, and also communicates the grace God shows to us when we feel like we really don’t deserve it. I’d love to know…
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