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Month: November 2016

Judges: Flawed People, Faithful God

Judges is full of dodgy dealings, murders, leaders you lose confidence in, general darkness. You could be excused for wondering why it’s in the Bible at all.

Judges: Grace for the Bleakest Days

If the Bible finished at the end of Judges, we’d be depressed and hopeless. But God doesn’t finish here. The story continues. The story of grace.

Theology Thursday – Understanding the Big Picture

Here is the audio & notes from our first Theology Thursday session on understanding the big picture of the Bible.

Judges: Trump. Samson. Jesus.

Trump. Samson. Jesus. What do they have in common? They each allow us to be honest about our real needs, hopes and fears. But how are they different? Only one wants us to be the society that God has designed us to be.

Update from our fundraisers for The Boaz Trust last Sunday

Thanks to everyone who helped with our fundraisers for The Boaz Trust on Sunday. The money’s been counted, and the grand total raised is…

Prayer at Salford Elim

Prayer is really important, and we want it to undergird all that we do as a church and as individuals.

REMINDER: Church meeting on 20th November

A chance for us to report on some of the things we have been involved with, decisions we have been grappling with, the state of the church’s finances etc.

Cake Sale and Table-Top Sale in aid of Boaz Trust (Sun 13th Nov)

We’re having a cake sale and a table-top sale to raise funds for the Boaz Trust. Items won’t be priced up – just take what you like & make a donation.

Judges: The Power of the Tongue

Words can be very powerful, used both for good, and for bad. They can carry the power of rejection, agreement, diplomacy, dangerous vows, and division.