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Tag: Acts

Sunday Playlist: Acts 2:42-47

Today’s playlist reflects the short passage at the end of chapter of Acts chapter 2 which, after the incredible events of Pentecost, summarise the response of the first Christian community in Jerusalem.

Getting the Story Clear

Something amazing has just happened and people are asking, “What does this mean?” Then Peter begins speaking to the crowd about it…

Sunday Playlist: Songs for Acts 2:14-41

This week’s song choices reflect some of the themes found in the second part of Acts chapter 2 (the passage we looked at as a church this week).

No Megaphone Required

Our different dialects and accents can make us feel like we belong, but they can also make us feel like we’re judged and misunderstood. It was no different for the early church, yet they were able to be heard and understood.

Sunday Playlist: Songs for Acts 2:1-12

It’s my hope and prayer for you (and for myself) that these songs become heartfelt prayers for revival in the fullest sense of the word.

What Will Your Answer Be?

Judas commits suicide and now there are only 11 disciples; the disciples need to replace him. How will the new twelfth disciple be chosen?

Sunday Playlist: Songs for Acts 1:12-26

One thing that Acts 1:12-26 has reminded me of is that God looks at people’s hearts, not their outward appearance, their reputation or their own sense of identity. Here are a few songs which explore this theme.

When Everything Changes

At a time when everything seems to be on a knife edge and we’re not sure what will happen next, the book of Acts is really helpful. The church was birthed into the unknown. They didn’t know what happen next, but they learned to respond to the moving of the Spirit because they were really aware that they weren’t in control of things.