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God so loved the world…

31 May 2016
It's a phrase we hear used a lot, but it was always designed to surprise us, as well as to invite us to see the whole world so very differently.

How should Christians decide how to vote in the EU referendum?

22 May 2016
I'm not going to tell you how I'm going to vote, or how I think you should vote. But what does the Bible say about making this sort of decision?

Leicester City, the Ascension and Difficult Days

11 May 2016
Some things never end as you expect, but when wonderful things happen, we need to ask ourselves what it all means.

Growing in hope (Philippians 1)

17 March 2016
Paul not only talks about hope, but he demonstrates it too. The chapter is full of hope for himself, what God's going to do, and for the church in Philippi.

The restoring God (Amos 9)

2 March 2016
The prophet had warned the people about their complacency but they took no notice. Is there any hope when things have all gone wrong?

The lion’s people (Amos 7-8)

24 February 2016
To be a prophetic people, we need to be ready to speak up for those who have no voice of their own.

The religion-threatening God (Amos 5-6)

17 February 2016
Amos knew that people loved worshipping, singing new songs, the sense of God being near to us. But he also knew they could easily be fooling themselves.

The passionate God (Amos 3-4)

10 February 2016
It's difficult to get the full sense of Amos' portrayal of the passion of God, trying to get the attention of his people in ways we might feel were extreme.

The awesome God (Amos 1-2)

3 February 2016
Amos is an uncomfortable read. But we need to be discomforted from time to time. Religion can be dangerous when it makes you think that you’re always right.

Created to be known

21 October 2015
Playboy have claimed that their battle has now been won. But how does the Bible help us make sense of the world that Playboy has created?

Created to be interdependent

13 October 2015
Often men dominate women in society, but that's not how God created us. Men & women were created to be interdependent, working together to look after creation.

The church as a temple

14 July 2015
The temple was where Heaven met Earth; where sins were forgiven & impurity cleansed; a source of political power. But Jesus said He'd replaced the temple...
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