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Tune in to God

9 January 2022
The promise of Jesus was that God would speak to his people because we are his friends. We would increasingly grow to recognise his voice. Of course, the challenge is: do we want to hear? Are we prepared to listen? Are we ready to respond if we do hear his voice?

And so it begins…

2 January 2022
A young out-of-town couple in a whirl, an old couple, part of the furniture in the Temple, easily overlooked. And a baby. Luke loves these sorts of people, because he knows that Jesus loves to spend time with them. And it's the way the salvation story unfolds. It did then, it still does now. As another uncertain new year begins for us.

Candlelit Carol Service

19 December 2021
Our candlelit carol service, with traditional carols, a sprinkling of newer ones, readings, a brass band and candles.

This is Jesus - The Nazarene

12 December 2021
Jesus the Nazarene is the hope of the nations and the hope of us all, He has come that we may know freedom when all seems lost.

This is Jesus - Refugee Child

5 December 2021
Jesus was a toddler whose family had to escape violence. Immanuel came to earth and one of the first things that he did was to join the long line of refugees…

This is Jesus - Shepherd-King

28 November 2021
They came looking for a king. But they had no idea what sort of king he would be – or indeed the type of leadership/service he would ask of his followers.

This is Jesus - Immanuel

21 November 2021
If you're going to live well, you need to be able to understand Jesus profoundly. Matthew wrote his gospel so that you wouldn't have to guess, and this week we explore the two titles he introduces in his story of Jesus - Saviour and Immanuel. If we can get to grips with these, they will change how we see life, those around us and ourselves.

When Will War Stop?

14 November 2021
Another Remembrance Sunday when we are reminded of the catastrophe of war, the effects it has on those directly involved, as well as those bystanders who get dragged into it all. Jesus told his disciples to expect war, but that in the midst of it all there would be reasons to retain hope for the future. We need to hear it again this week as Russian troops advance on the borders of Ukraine.

This is Jesus - The Messiah

7 November 2021
What's Jesus being the Messiah got to do with COP26, your own very personal life and our life together as a church? Much more than we might imagine…

'This is Jesus' - Our New Sermon Series

2 November 2021
As we approach Christmas we prepare for the birth of a baby with a very common name: Jesus. There were hundreds of babies born that year with that name. But what the gospel writers make clear is that while this name matters, the titles of Jesus give us a bigger picture of who he is…

The Rebuild - Building For The Future (Again)

31 October 2021
We've spent a long time re-living Ezra and Nehemiah's stories. You would think it would end in success. Surely, all those efforts must end well. Except they don't. Good intentions need to be undergirded with law. Does it always need to be like that? Jesus suggested otherwise. He gives a new imagination to see things differently and his Spirit so that we can live in these ways.

The Rebuild - Breaking With The Past

24 October 2021
It’s a common cycle. We have a profound experience with God and we make big promises. And then it all goes wrong. Why does that happen and how can we break out of that familiar pattern? Is there a better way?

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Keeping each other safe at Salford Elim Church