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The Rebuild – Facing Opposition (Part 1)

It’s a common experience. We begin projects with all the best intentions. We think it’s the right moment, the right cause, the right strategy. And it starts well but then everything hits the fan. And we can be left floundering.

It happened to Nehemiah, it will happen to you. His story helps.

It’s worth listening to and living out in our own contexts.

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What You Need To Know – Our Latest News

Here is your start-of-the-week newsletter. It should have all you need to know about what’s happening amongst us.

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The Rebuild – Who built the wall? We did.

Chapter 3 of Nehemiah includes the names of people who worked selflessly for the sake of others.

Some were not particularly prepared; some seemed to have a better deal than others. Together they rebuild.

They have a memory of how things should be, and they are determined to all work towards the restoration of what they had once known.

You may not feel equipped or trained, but you are given a place. What does it look like when you feel that your ‘place’ is not what you would want?

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