St. James Hope, 3 Vicarage Close, Salford, M6 8EJ
07771 558 058

Our Vision and Values

We are a growing community of whole-life disciples who are alert to God’s leading, paying careful attention to one another and the moment we are in, so that we can be good news to those around us.

What does this mean?


We believe in the transforming power of the gospel that draws people to Jesus and enables us to grow in maturity as disciples.


We are a welcoming and diverse community who aim to be ‘down-to-earth’ and non-judgmental, seeing each person as a gift from God to us.

Whole-Life Disciples

We strongly emphasise how the gospel should affect every area of our life and every stage of our life.

Alert to God’s Leading

We believe in the living and active presence of the Holy Spirit who gifts, guides and empowers his people to live for his purposes

Paying Attention to Each Other

We listen and learn from one another’s stories and aim to be sensitive, compassionate and practical as we journey together.

Paying Attention to the Moment We Are In

We aim to discern what God is doing through the changes in our contexts and seasons and to respond to his priorities and the opportunities they present.

Good News to Those Around Us

We believe God uses us to bring faith, hope and love to the people we are with and the situations we are in.

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