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Young Adults

Ages 15-18

We have regular activities for 15-18 year olds – see our calendar below for more information.


Young Adults Group (18+)

At Salford Elim, we understand that being a young person can often have a lot of challenges and we hope to support our young adults during this phase of their lives.

Our group, Breathe, aims to give them a space to pause in their busy and hectic lives.

Alongside ongoing pastoral support, we run a 6 week cycle of fortnightly events of:

  • Alternative Worship: Acoustic worship and informal talks and interviews where we aim to get to know each other more, as well as each other. 
  • Bible studies: We are currently working on the ‘There Is More’ programme, focusing on Gods plan for our lives.
  • Social events: A chance to get to know each other, build relationships and to bring along your friends. In the past we’ve been bowling, axe throwing, out for meals, and Dino mini golf.

If you’d like to find more out about Salford Elim’s Young Adults programme and get involved, please chat to us after a service, or contact us.

Alex McGregor
Joint Coordinator for Young Adults Work
I joined Salford Elim in 2015 and have enjoyed being involved with the Sunday School groups and getting to know the young people, as well as being able to take them away each summer to Criccieth Pathfinder Camp in North Wales. I am looking forward to developing the work with young adults at Elim, on top of the great youth work which is already taking place. Alongside this job, I also work in a high school and volunteer as a counsellor.
Andrew Gordon
Joint Coordinator for Young Adults Work
Alex dragged me along to Salford Elim in 2015. Starting to get disillusioned with Church and struggling to find somewhere I could call home, that Sunday was certainly a case of being in the right place at the right time. I have loved every minute of being part of the Salford Elim family ever since, and I love the City of Salford and serving its people. In the summer Alex and I run Criccieth Pathfinder Camp a Christian Youth Activity Camp, and my full time job is Foundation Co-ordinator for Salford City Football Club. I am excited to be taking the next step on my journey with Jesus, Salford Elim and of course Alex as coordinators of young adult’s work.

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