Advent – Was it always like this?

2000 advents on, and we join with a pattern of our ancestors, of remembering, re-waiting, re-living, and re-hoping.

Was it always like this year?

Were people always aware of a year having gone past too quickly; of anxieties at what might be ahead; of uncertainties about how things would be?

Did they remember the original story of a young girl, waiting 9 months uncertain of all that would happen? Of a man standing by her wondering about his family’s reputation?

Did they re-wait again to see what God would do in their time, because of all he had done the first time?

Did they re-live the movements of the key characters, imagining themselves to be Elizabeth, shepherds, wise men, a refugee family?

Did they re-hope courageously and live generously out of that hope, determined that darkness would never put the light out?

I think because we are in the line of this faith in Jesus, the answer has to be yes, they did.

And so do we. We remember, wait, live and hope – again.

Without sentimentality, without escapism, without nostalgia.

With clear eyes, focussed on the hope that makes sense of everything.

  • Steve Hollick

    I love this. The thought that all that has been achieved in the Christian faith over the last 2000 years has been done by people who at times have felt just like us, The so called heros of our faith may of had doubts and fears just like us. And so however we arrive at the end of the year, for some it’s been a fantastic successful year, for others they may have to crawl over the line to end a year that has battered and bruised them. We can all remember, wait, live and hope – again.