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Author: Steve Hollick

Recognising Our Interdependence – We Need You

The people are gathering ready for their return to Jerusalem. However they can’t commence their journey until everything, or maybe more appropriately everyone, is in place.

Offer Grace – Be Gracious

We’ve spent a good deal of time looking at how we offer hospitality to one another, but what does it look like to offer hospitality to those people we find difficult to deal with?

How can we change the story?

Uncomfortable Mission – When It’s Difficult

Paul and Silas continue on the mission to Philippi, but very soon life becomes increasingly difficult.

What can we learn from their story, about continuing in missional activity, when life gets difficult?

Acting Like Jesus – Faith Not Fear

After his conversion Saul arrives back in Jerusalem, but not to the welcome he had hoped for.

The disciples there are fearful of Saul and his intentions. Saul needs someone to be his advocate and stand with him.

Barnabas is just the man for the job…

The Challenge to Religion

The religious folks resisted what was happening, and charge Stephen with going against the temple and the law. Stephen re-tells their own history to them, showing that God has always operated outside of the temple, Jerusalem and Israel. God was with his people, and at work, in all the difficult places.

God is in the business of doing new things. We are on a journey with him. In difficult times, times of change, times of uncertainty, we follow Jesus.

Sometimes in order to pick up new things, we have to lay other things down.

Freedom To Be You

The temptation to compare yourself with someone else has always been part of a diverse church community. Thankfully Paul reminds us that God sees us all in the same way; simply as his children and that means we are free to be ourselves.

Taking A Risk For God’s Plan

Ananias was a simple man, living an ordinary life, when God asked him to take a risk. What might God be asking of us in order to impact the lives of those around us?

Being Called To Be Church – A Church That Dares

How can we better sense the prompting of the Holy Spirit and be ready to give the unexpected answer?

Disciples and Children (Mark 10:13-16)

Once again Jesus defies the expectations of his culture (including his disciples); this time by welcoming children. In fact, he went much further than that…

Growing in hope (Philippians 1)

Paul not only talks about hope, but he demonstrates it too. The chapter is full of hope for himself, what God’s going to do, and for the church in Philippi.

Do something new – Generosity

How can we do generosity for the sake of others, and not for how it makes us look, using Paul’s example in his letter 2 Corinthians 8 and 9.

The Spirit-Shaped Life >> Gentleness

Gentleness combines strength and meekness – strength under control.