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Month: July 2009

Mend The Gap

Experienced youth leader, researcher and trainer, Jason Gardner makes a plea for churches not to miss the opportunity they have to bring holistic discipleship to all the generations in church. He points to the growing generation gaps that exist in society, and that are replicated in the church, whereby we become poorer by not being…
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Becoming More Like Christ

This is part of a series of books entitled Discipleship as Wholeness. It is one of the few books I’ve read that not only intends to encourage people to become mature disciples of Christ, but also suggests a picture of what that might actually look like in the lives of ordinary Christians. The book wants…
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An Agenda for Change

Joel Edwards, until very recently, General Director of EA has written a really useful, short overview of the challenges facing evangelical churches today. Calling for a commitment to the gospel, lived out in the way of Jesus, he outlines ways that we need to present this gospel. Shouting louder is never effective! The second section…
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Delivering the Captives

If you are sympathetic to the viewpoint that most of the problems we face in life stem from the direct work of demonic forces attacking people, then this book will be of interest to you. The book introduces themes of how to prevent the enemy gaining a foothold and what to do if he has.…
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A Toolbox for Small Churches

Based on work done with smaller UK Baptist churches, this is a really encouraging, practical book that would help any smaller church think through the challenges and opportunities that they face. It is encouraging because it emphasises that there are advantages about being small that you can use for the benefit of the Gospel, as…
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Judas and the Gospel of Jesus

You may have seen the displays in Waterstones relating to the ‘Gospel of Judas’, a third century document, which some have claimed, shows what Jesus’ teaching really concerned. Tom Wright, the brilliant New Testament scholar and bishop, has answered the claims in a readable style that enable the reader to have greater confidence in the…
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Issues Facing Christians Today

75 words on a classic? Here goes: Fully updated, urgently relevant, mind stretching, readable, warm, optimistic, thoroughly biblical, godly wisdom, well-researched, mature reflection, insightful, provocative, understandable, engaged with wider society, the gospel for all humanity, opens the windows on the world, essential for leaders (what do you mean you’re too busy?). Includes questions for further…
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Healing Through Deliverance

Examining the issue of deliverance from theological and Biblical studies and written in an accessible style, this book includes many illustrations from counselling undertaken at Ellel Grange. The book assumes that Christians are often affected by demons and that healings are not seen more regularly because deliverance is not routinely practised. Deliverance, therefore, should be…
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Philippians: Rejoice! the King is Lord

Philip Greenslade, a well-respected teacher and writer, this is a really useful addition to anyone’s library. It will help anyone leading home bible studies, or wanting to get a fresh angle on the book before preaching from it. More mature Christians wanting to follow something a bit more stretching for their devotional reading would also…
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Mentoring: The Promise of Relational Leadership

  Mentoring is one of the concepts that has often been bandied around, but probably talked about more than practised. Wright explains how mentors focus on helping us become who we want to be, not what we want to do. Being a mentor is someone who is given the responsibility to help to develop someone…
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Indelible Ink

This is a straightforward idea that works well. 22 Christian writers reveal the books that have had the most influence on them. People such as Joni Eareckson Tada, John Stott, Michael Card, JI Packer, Luis Palau etc encourage you by their enthusiasm to go back to the classics. The writer mentioned most often is, unsurprisingly,…
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Healing and Suffering

For Pentecostals, the expectation that healing should be part of our experience of God is at the heart of our faith. Many of us can testify that God does remarkable things with people, transforming situations by healing those who are sick. However, we also know the pain of seeing the unhealed and having to engage…
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IMPORTANT UPDATE: Keeping each other safe at Salford Elim Church