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Month: June 2010

Is Prayer Your Steering Wheel Or Your Spare Wheel? (Cornelia ten Boom)

Steering Wheel Or Spare Tyre?

(Thanks to Nadine for the picture)

Holy Holidays

With the summer holidays fast approaching, you may find the text below of interest. It’s from an article published on the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity website, which looks at the biblical view on holidays. Historically, holiday seasons have come about as a result of workers resting from the demands of agricultural labour, or a…
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If You Could Ask God One Question…

…what would you ask? [vimeo]5557620[/vimeo] Click here for details of our next Alpha Course

What Is The Church?

A short video entitled ‘What Is The Church?’

Thought for the Week – World Cup 2010

(originally aired on BBC Radio Manchester, 13th June 2010) I think I first heard it last Saturday outside Tesco in Prestwich. Three lads messing about making a real racket. I think they’d just bought The Sun and got 3 free plastic horns. And so, reasonably enough, they were trying them out. It sounded fairly horrible.…
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