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Month: January 2011

Got A Question?

Our next Q&A session with Neil will be on Sunday 13th February. It’ll be just 30 mins – from 12.30 (after coffee) to 1pm. It’s a chance for you to ask questions that are bugging you; they may reflect some of the preaching we’ve had recently, something you’ve seen in the news, or you may have more general issues you’d like to raise. Your choice!

We also realise that not everyone can make it to these, so we’ve now introduced the option to ask your question online. We’ll try to look at these during the Q&A session, but we’ll also post an answer online, so you can get involved even if you can’t make it the session. Simply click on the ‘Got a question?’ link on the right-hand side of our website to ask your question.

Questions For God

Matthew Paul Turner wrote a letter about questions for God, which was then made into the following video. It’s an incredibly honest look at the subject…