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Month: October 2015

ELIM 100 Centenary Celebration

2015 is Elim’s centenary year, and we are being called to unite together as a family at a special ELIM 100 celebration, on Saturday 28 November in Salford.

Created to be known

Playboy have claimed that their battle has now been won. But how does the Bible help us make sense of the world that Playboy has created?

Brokenness and the feeding of the 5000

We need to be willing to give thanks, and to use what we have, where we are – no matter how inadequate we may feel.

How would you answer, “What does Christmas mean to you?”

As we all prepare for Christmas this December, we’d love share responses to this question from the wide variety of people we have in our church.

Created to be interdependent

Often men dominate women in society, but that’s not how God created us. Men & women were created to be interdependent, working together to look after creation.