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Month: December 2015

What would the Christmas story look like today?

The Nativity seems so distant from our modern lives. But what if the Christmas story took place today? What might that look like?

Christmas opening times at The Vine Cafe

Opening times for The Vine Cafe over the Christmas holidays.

From D-Day to V.E. Day: an Advent message

We must never lose sight of the fact that we struggle in hope and in certainty of final victory.

God of the waiting

Sometimes God works secretly and behind the scenes, but He will reveal His work to us when the time is right.

The unthinkable, the impossible, the unreasonable

Mary has no idea of all that will happen or what it will all mean, but she agrees to the prospect of her world being shaken.

Fasting – a discipline of waiting

For centuries the church has observed Advent as a time of preparation for the celebration of Jesus’ birth at Christmas.

The bells keep ringing…

Peace will come, and the restlessness will disappear, but while we wait… ‘The bells will keep ringing peace on earth and good will to men’

Advent – Was it always like this?

2000 advents on, and we join with a pattern of our ancestors, of remembering, re-waiting, re-living, and re-hoping. Was it always like this year?