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Month: December 2018

Book Group 2019

Details of the books that our Book Group will be reading throughout 2019.

Giving Thanks; Looking Forward

Giving Thanks; Looking Forward

Who do we need to thank for getting to where we are now? Who do we need around us to enable us to continue to run the Christian race well?

Demonstrating Love

Demonstrating Love

Christmas reminds us that we seek an ongoing, unconditional love. It’s also the time when we remember that such love has already been given to us, and we can demonstrate this love to others.

Bringing Joy

In a society looking for happiness in all sorts of ways, how do we experience real joy that lasts through any and every situation we might face?

Having Hope Bringing Hope

Having Hope; Bringing Hope

As Christians we are called to have hope in the faithfulness of God, and to be people who bring hope into the lives of others. That’s the message of advent.