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Month: August 2020

The Power Encounter – Herod

The story of Peter’s release is one that sees the overturning of Herod’s power, as the state is unable to keep the church leader in prison.

The church relying on the God of the Passover that answers his people’s prayers do the only thing they can. They pray. And whilst they do not seem to believe that the miracles of old will still happen, they do!

We often find ourselves in the same place. Feeling the lack of power, reliant on God and then amazed when He comes through for us…

Sunday Playlist – The Power Encounter – Herod

In Acts 12 we see people praying earnestly in the middle of the night; one of the disciples is executed, while the other is miraculously released from prison. But when he turns up at the house of prayer, the Christians just don’t believe it and try to explain it away.

It seems that like most of us, they were not actually bold prayer-warriors, but people who prayed with a mixture of faith and uncertainty, got down on their knees and prayed anyway.

In this latest podcast episode, I’ve chosen some songs to reflect on this story & inspire us…

Midweek Musings – How Much Power Do You Have?

How much power do you have? What do you do when you feel powerless? In Acts 12, to most people looking on, it’s clear who has all the power…

Acting Like Jesus – Together As Church

There are some churches you would want to join if you could. Antioch is one of those churches. A flexible, generous, boundary-breaking church.

As we reflect on their life together in c50 AD, we get inspired to keep growing into all this and more in 2020!

Sunday Playlist – Acting Like Jesus – Together As Church

The church in Antioch was a flexible, generous, boundary-breaking church.

In this latest podcast episode, I’ve chosen songs to reflect on this & inspire us to keep growing…

Midweek Musings – If We’d Only Known

This week we have reflections from Neil, our latest news and some other useful information and resources.

Elim Summertime Sunday Service

This week we used a service that has been put together by Elim centrally, “Elim Summertime”.

Our denominational leaders decided to put together a service that churches could use to let all the folks who have worked so hard behind the scenes could have a week off.

We hope you enjoy the service.

Midweek Musings – And Breathe…

This week we have reflections from Neil, our latest news and some other useful information.

Acting Like Jesus – Accepting The Unexpected

‘I didn’t expect to see you here.’

When we get to heaven I think we will say that about quite a few people.

We can be so sure about who God would want on his side that we can feel indignant when he shows us that we were wrong!

Midweek Musings – Contradictions and Grace

This week we have reflections from Neil, our latest news and some other useful information.

Acting Like Jesus – Healing

Can anything change?
Do things always have to be the same?

The early Christians in Acts were certain of a few things: that Jesus had risen from the dead and that meant that things could change – even the worst of things.

The same truths define us: we live in a world where awful things happen. But the resurrected Jesus is still at work.…

Sunday Playlist – Acting Like Jesus – Healing

In Acts 9:32-43, we meet a woman who has two names; “Tabitha” in Aramaic and “Dorcas” in Greek. She was just one of those unsung heroes of the church community. Luke describes her as full of good works and charity and she was part of a group of widows who made clothes by hand. When she died, the weeping widows did what most of us do when we lose someone we love. They clung to items and memories associated with her; the clothes she’d made. They showed them to Peter as they grieved the loss of their close friend.

Here are some songs I’ve chosen that will help us reflect on this story…