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Month: May 2021

Making Sense – What Could The Future Be?

Every morning we wake up and enter a future that we have not yet encountered. This future will be shaped in part by all the decisions we have taken up to this point, but as followers of Jesus, it will also be shaped by the way we see our lives joining in with God’s Big Story…

Midweek Musings – What Time Is It?

Some days, time seems to fly and life can feel short. Don’t let it all drift away from you. Know the time and how you will live your life in such a way that brings glory to God.

Making Sense – What Time Is It?

As the ancient sage said: there’s a time for everything… including change.

But how do we know what time it is for us? What is it too late for? What is it just the right time for?

When thinking about change, being able to tell the time makes all the difference.

Midweek Musings – Making Sense Of Who I Am Becoming

If you think of all the hats you are wearing at the moment, which ones no longer fit well? In reality there are some things you can’t change but from time to time it’s good to look at all you are doing and ask whether this is a time for change to happen.

Making Sense – Who Am I Becoming?

Change is inevitable. It happens to us all, and it affects us all. How we respond to that change will be different for each of us.

How can we ensure that we embrace the changes that will be good news for us in a way that will help us grow closer to God?

Midweek Musings – Making Sense Of Where I Am

We want to live our lives to the glory of God, but we can get scared that we will make a mistake…

Making Sense – Where Am I?

There are times in life when it feels like we should be making changes, we just might not know what to change or how. We’ve got to start somewhere – the place where we already are.

Midweek Musings – LOD, OCGs and the search for H (Disappointments & Real Life)

There is the promise of a day where all will be put right. Until that day, we will fight injustice, stand for truth, believe in righteousness…

Offer Grace – Be Open

Some sermons should be quite short. Essentially sometimes we just need to hear someone say: so do it!

This one does that, but not through gritted teeth. God has form when it comes to showing up unexpectedly when you invite strangers to stay for tea.

It’s always worth the risk!