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Month: June 2021

What You Need To Know – Our Latest News (28th June 2021)

As promised, here is your start-of-the-week shorter, leaner newsletter. It should have all you need to know about what’s happening amongst us. And a quick look should mean you are updated each week.

Launch Day

Every new chapter that begins for a church is a chance to renew their connection with everything that has gone before so that we can step into an unknown future with confidence.

Important Information for Launch Day (This Sunday!)

Ahead of our Launch Sunday service this week, I just wanted to remind you of a couple of important things…

Midweek Musings – Getting Back to ‘Normal’

Now there are people to see, families to visit, holidays to arrange. Life to live. We might not be back to fully ‘normal’; but it’s in sight…

The Return of the Church – Resisting Frustration

You start doing something significant. You know it will make a difference and then it begins. It might start with small bugging frustrations but they all pile up until it would be easy to walk away.

How do you keep going?

Ezra 4-6 is a long story of a community finding a way to manage the oppositions, hold ups and snags along the way.

Midweek Musings – Nostalgia ain’t what it used to be

How do you celebrate the past without making it into something it never was? How do you talk about the past that was good without giving the impression that nothing can ever match it in the present or the future?

The Return of the Church – Restarting Worship Together

In the wake of a political miracle, Israel arrived back in their land. There was so much to do: houses to build, a temple to rebuild, a city to renovate, food to be grown and borders to protect.

But first they worshipped.

They knew that regular worship would define them, shape them, remind them of their identity. It still does.

It might not be a perfect experience, but it is the most important thing that the returning church must do.

Midweek Musings – Why this man matters to me but not to you

I have never met him. I couldn’t. But there something about this small, bow-legged, hard-working character that I carry in me…

The Return of the Church – Restarting a Story Together

The book of Ezra is the account of the regathering of God’s people. God had never given up on them even when they were invisible to the rest of the world. But the day came when they became visible again.In doing so they began to rediscover what it meant to be God’s people.

The lessons are as relevant as ever – especially to us in a new building.

Midweek Musings – Why I Always Lose At Cards

Growing up in the Salvation Army gave me lots of things, but it never helped me to play cards. I think they thought that you would start with solitaire and before you knew it you would have lost your house betting on a five card stud. (See: those last three words run together well, but I have no idea if they actually mean anything.)