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Month: August 2021

What You Need To Know – Our Latest News (30th August 2021)

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Stand Firm In Finances

There is often a cynicism about religion and money. How can we be known for our generosity rather than always looking like we are begging for money?

And how do we shape our own lives so that we are not gripped by financial fears, but learn a different way of approaching our personal financial affairs?

Stand Firm In Embracing Life

If we are to be pastors to those around us, how can we make sure that we show what a full life looks like, rather than allowing people to believe that Christianity leads to a reduced, limited life?

In other words, how do we make the good news look like good news?

Stand Firm As A Leader

Timothy is given extensive guidance about what Christian maturity looks like, and how the mature folks can lead in church.

These are the people we are becoming, so how do we grow in those characteristics?

Stand Firm When Gender Roles Are The Battlefield

Gender, sex and identity. Knowing what to say and do can be a problem for all of us. Does Paul’s advice to Timothy help us in any way today?

Stand Firm When People Fight

Paul has left Timothy in Ephesus, a place where there are people who love controversy & arguments, to be a man who can make a difference…