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Month: July 2022

What if life was simpler? (Part 3)

It’s hard being right all the time!

What if we could take the burden of judging others off our shoulders.
What if we believed that they don’t have to answer to us?
What if we practised grace a bit more?
Would that mean we would become gullible or lose discernment?

Can you be discerning and not judge?

What if life was simpler? (Part 2)

Is it possible to live a simpler life that is less worried about what we don’t have and more grateful for what we do have? Is it possible to worry less?

What if life was simpler? (Part 1)

Religious people have become experts at making spiritual practises complicated. They get twisted by our motives as well as the lengths we go to make ourselves look better than we are.

What if we could just keep it simple? More normal? What would be gained?

What if we reacted differently? (Part 5)

What does Jesus really mean in the Sermon on the Mount about enemies?

Is this really how we should act towards evil people, structural injustice, and deep-seated enemies? If we think it is unlikely, what is the alternative?

If we do follow Jesus’ teaching, what might it look like today?

What You Need To Know (July/August 2022)

This is our newsletter that highlights some of the things we want you to know about for the month ahead.

What if we reacted differently? (Part 4)

How do you keep married love alive? How do you make sure you don’t break other people?

Jesus suggests some radical ways to make sure we keep those promises…