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Month: December 2022

Hoping for Newness

The angels met shepherds and told them that peace had come to earth.
Foreign wise men made an epic journey to see the new king.
The poorest and the richest knew that things needed to change.

It’s our joy to be able to say: change can happen. There is something new to be experienced.

Now that’s good news at Christmas time.

Waiting for Home

The world can seem quite dark but there is a light that gives us hope, and that can shine the way home for others.

Christmas reminds us that God became like us. He got tired, hungry, thirsty, and could be injured.

We know how all that feels. But we are waiting for the day when this is a memory, on the day we step into eternity.

So what will it be like when we die? Is it worth waiting for?

What You Need To Know (December 2022)

Here are details of some of the things that are happening over the next few weeks, as well as some important dates for 2023…