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Month: January 2023

Churches That Change The World: Costly Forgiveness

Let’s not fool ourselves: forgiveness always costs something. Always did, always will.

Relationships will occasionally rupture. Forgiveness is the way they can be repaired.

How do we do this?

Churches That Change The World: Open Hearts

Faith in Jesus means nothing if you don’t love Jesus’ friends.

And love means nothing if it isn’t accompanied by action.

It’s what we do, not what we say.

Churches That Change The World: Subverted Hierarchies

This church lived at a time when everyone knew their place. Rank mattered and brought privileges. If you were at the top of the pile you could order people around.

Paul modelled a different way. He chose to appeal rather than to order.

He demonstrated how we subvert the natural hierarchies.

Churches That Change The World: Names Matter

As we learn one another’s names and enter one another’s stories, we are given the opportunity to grow more than we might ever have imagined…

What You Need To Know (January 2023)

Here are details of some of the things that are happening over the next few weeks, as well as some important dates for later in 2023…