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Month: November 2023

The Wisdom Of Forgiveness

Forgiveness can help us to make sense of our past.

It enables us to release the things that hold us prisoner and lets us write a different future.

The Wisdom Of Nurturing Generations

How do we invest well in the next generations?

Into our children’s lives, and the children in our church, and in grandchildren?

The Wisdom Of Peace

On Remembrance Sunday we recall those who went through the awfulness of war in years gone by, and pray for those caught up in it today.

How can we practise the wisdom of peace-making when there are so many conflicts around us?

What hope does Jesus bring?

The Wisdom Of Ageing

How do we honour elderly parents at the same time as we ensure that we age well – flexible in outlook, gracious in judgment, loving to all?

What You Need To Know (November 2023)

Some details of things that are happening over the next few weeks and months at Salford Elim Church, as well as some other useful information.