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Month: February 2024

Fourth & Fifth Signs – Jesus Offers Us New Possibilities

Anxiety preys on all of us.

It makes us fear we won’t have enough, or that we will be overwhelmed.

Jesus knows this and is able to transform these fears of not having enough to living abundantly.

Jesus Challenges Our Assumptions

In a world where it feels everyone is ready to argue, it’s easy to be defensive about our own assumptions.

But if we are going to see the world differently, we need to allow our assumptions about life to be challenged.

It’s what Jesus did to people in his time. It’s what he still does.

Second & Third Signs – Jesus Heals

When John wrote the gospel, he includes just 7 miracles – even though he knew a lot more happened.

What his account highlights is how Jesus engages our vulnerabilities and brings us back to health.

Back to life.

We Need A New Hope

You can see that some people have been broken by life.

Others just hide it well.

How honest can we be?

Jesus steps into our brokenness and stops us being defined by it.

What You Need To Know (February 2024)

As we go into the second month of the year, things are settling down, so there’s not quite so much to let you know about this month.

But we hope what we do have helps…