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Month: May 2024

Jesus: The King of The World

Jesus was such an attractive teacher. He drew all sorts of people to himself: the clever ones, the sophisticated ones and the desperate ones.

What he asks of those who want to follow him is to lay aside their fear of what people might think of them and be courageous enough to follow a totally different path through life.

Jesus: A Different King

What does a successful life look like? 

Is it when everyone praises you – as long as you are doing what they want?

Or is it about everyday acts of consistent service and courageous acts that change things?

Explore with us what Jesus thought was important and the difference it can make for us.

What You Need To Know (May 2024)

Details of what’s going on at Salford Elim Church over the next few weeks, and also further into 2024, along with some other useful links…