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Author: Salford Elim Church

Theology Matters

Theology sometimes gets a bad reception in some churches.  None of us want to get involved in the dry and duty theological arguments that don’t seem to matter at all, but good theology helps us to pray, worship and hear from God.  This is a clip that emphasises this really helpfully. [vimeo]8788549[/vimeo]

General Election 2010

In a couple of weeks’ time we will have a new government, and for the first time in over a decade there is real uncertainty about who this will be.  You might find these sites helpful to your thinking, as you decide how to vote. Faith and Elections Christians In Politics Evangelical Alliance – General…
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A Prayer…

Below is a copy of the prayer that Nadine wrote & shared during our “Coming To The Cross” 24/2 prayer, for you to read and reflect on. Lord, You have searched me and You know me. You know the temptations I battle with, the pain I’ve suffered, the loss I live with and the sins…
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The Missional Church… Simple

A 2-minute explanation of what a “missional church” is. [youtube]arxfLK_sd68[/youtube]

Mary Causer on Channel M

One of our church leaders, Mary Causer, appeared on Channel M to discuss our Christmas Alive event. Below is a video of her interview.

Habitat for Humanity: Uganda 2008

A video of the Habitat for Humanity trip to Uganda.

Nichole Nordeman: Why

A video featuring Nichole Nordeman’s song ‘Why’, with graphics originally created for the Easter 2008 service at Salford Elim Church.