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Author: Ian Peacock

Jesus Gives A New Start

Sometimes our pain is caused by the reactions of others.

We can be overcome by their disapproval and condemnation of us and the way we live.

We can be overcome by their disapproval and condemnation of us and the way we live.

Watch how Jesus deals with the sense of guilt and the condemnation of others.

Fourth & Fifth Signs – Jesus Offers Us New Possibilities

Anxiety preys on all of us.

It makes us fear we won’t have enough, or that we will be overwhelmed.

Jesus knows this and is able to transform these fears of not having enough to living abundantly.

First Sign – Jesus Offers New Life

Too many of us wonder whether we are good enough, or fear what others might think about us.

The power of shame can be crippling.

Jesus rescues us from that power so that we can live joy-filled lives.

Hope Beyond Fear

How did the ‘hopes and fears of all the years’ meet in Jesus?

The Wisdom Of Nurturing Generations

How do we invest well in the next generations?

Into our children’s lives, and the children in our church, and in grandchildren?

We Are Called To Be Humble

Humility is the key – it marks out God’s people as following Jesus. It can be the mark of our relationships together and can be the mark of church together.

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The Prayers of Jesus – Defiant Prayer

Prayer shapes our character and in times of crisis, we reveal who we really are. As Jesus hung in agony on a Roman cross, unjustly brutalised, facing certain death, his prayers revealed who he was and defied the expectations of everyone.

How might our prayer life shape us to do the same?

The Prayers of Jesus – Lonely Prayer

In the garden of Gethsemane, Jesus enacted a part of ‘The Lord’s Prayer’, ‘Your will be done’, and he did it alone.

How can we learn to pray, trusting in God, when things are not as we would hope and we feel we are facing them alone?

The Prayers of Jesus – Intercessory Prayer

In John 17, Jesus prays for his disciples to be protected from the evil one, to be full of joy, to be sanctified and to be unified.

Could he still be praying those things for us now and how might we part of the answer?

The Prayers of Jesus – Intimate Prayer

John 17 is the most revealing of all prayers: it’s a window into the intimacy shared between Jesus and his Father before the creation of the world…

Churches That Change The World: Open Hearts

Faith in Jesus means nothing if you don’t love Jesus’ friends.

And love means nothing if it isn’t accompanied by action.

It’s what we do, not what we say.