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Author: Ian Peacock

What if we reacted differently? (Part 2)

Israel knew that murder was wrong – but Jesus puts his finger on the contempt we can feel for one another when they don’t match up to our expectations.

Think of the outrage on social media at times.

He warns us of the consequences of those reactions, urges us to put things right with one another and uses an everyday example (making a last minute court settlement) to demonstrate how important our relationships are.

man holding a sign: The Vine Community Hub - We Are Open!

The Vine Community Hub is now open!

We’re open! Here’s details of what’s already happening at The Vine Community Hub, what we’ve got planned and how you can get involved…

The Rebuild – Who built the wall? We did.

Chapter 3 of Nehemiah includes the names of people who worked selflessly for the sake of others.

Some were not particularly prepared; some seemed to have a better deal than others. Together they rebuild.

They have a memory of how things should be, and they are determined to all work towards the restoration of what they had once known.

You may not feel equipped or trained, but you are given a place. What does it look like when you feel that your ‘place’ is not what you would want?

POSTPONED: The Vine Community Hub – Launch Day

To celebrate our launch at our new location, we’re hosting a fun day full of activities for all ages to have a go at for free!

Returning to the Old Ways

Like most true stories, the book of Ezra has no happy ending – in fact, quite the opposite.

It also leaves us with questions, such as what lengths are we prepared to go to in order to stay faithful to God?

Share Grace – Creating Community

Jesus’ gracious hospitality leads us to offer the same invitations to others.

As we start to recover from the effects of a global pandemic, our need for community is greater than ever.

We can look to the early church for some inspiration – the first Spirit-filled fellowship.

Sunday Playlist – The Threat Of Loss – Opening Doors To Others

It’s easy to think that healthy churches will never have disagreements. But that’s wrong. Every time God puts us in a new situation, opens up new doors of mission, or challenges us with new ideas, it’s easy for us to become defensive and controlling.

Sunday Playlist – The Threat Of Loss – The Only Way To New Life

Paul’s first missionary journey took him into new situations that he couldn’t have imagined. But God was working through him.

It’s just the same today for us.

Here are my song choices for this week’s Sunday Playlist podcast episode…

Stay Home. Try Alpha Online

The Alpha Course is designed for those who want to explore the big questions of life in a relaxed environment where no questions are off limits. We watch a video about an aspect of the Christian faith and then discuss it – simple!

We’re offering two opportunities before Christmas via Zoom to do Alpha; one on a Tuesday evening (starts 29th September) and the other on a Thursday afternoon (starts 24th September).

Sunday Playlist – The Widening Story – Telling Our Story Well

The early Christians had a better story to tell and they pass it to us to tell our own generation.

It’s a story that we all need to hear – again and again.

Here are my song choices for this week’s Sunday Playlist podcast episode…

Sunday Playlist – The Power Encounter – Dark Spiritual Powers

The apostle Paul’s experience in Cyprus offers us a picture of the exciting Christian life that offers good news to people.

As we think about his experience in Acts 13, we have the chance to see our own situations much clearer.

Here are my song choices for this week’s Sunday Playlist podcast episode…

Sunday Playlist – The Power Encounter – Herod

In Acts 12 we see people praying earnestly in the middle of the night; one of the disciples is executed, while the other is miraculously released from prison. But when he turns up at the house of prayer, the Christians just don’t believe it and try to explain it away.

It seems that like most of us, they were not actually bold prayer-warriors, but people who prayed with a mixture of faith and uncertainty, got down on their knees and prayed anyway.

In this latest podcast episode, I’ve chosen some songs to reflect on this story & inspire us…

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Keeping each other safe at Salford Elim Church