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Author: Ian Peacock

Stay curious. Try Alpha.

We believe that everyone should have the chance to explore faith, ask questions, and share their point of view. Alpha is a series of weekly sessions exploring the Christian faith where you can explore the big questions of life and faith in a friendly and non-judgemental atmosphere, discussing questions like ‘Is there more to life…
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The Prayers of Jesus – Defiant Prayer

Prayer shapes our character and in times of crisis, we reveal who we really are. As Jesus hung in agony on a Roman cross, unjustly brutalised, facing certain death, his prayers revealed who he was and defied the expectations of everyone.

How might our prayer life shape us to do the same?

The Prayers of Jesus – Lonely Prayer

In the garden of Gethsemane, Jesus enacted a part of ‘The Lord’s Prayer’, ‘Your will be done’, and he did it alone.

How can we learn to pray, trusting in God, when things are not as we would hope and we feel we are facing them alone?

The Prayers of Jesus – Intercessory Prayer

In John 17, Jesus prays for his disciples to be protected from the evil one, to be full of joy, to be sanctified and to be unified.

Could he still be praying those things for us now and how might we part of the answer?

The Prayers of Jesus – Intimate Prayer

John 17 is the most revealing of all prayers: it’s a window into the intimacy shared between Jesus and his Father before the creation of the world…

Churches That Change The World: Open Hearts

Faith in Jesus means nothing if you don’t love Jesus’ friends.

And love means nothing if it isn’t accompanied by action.

It’s what we do, not what we say.

Daring to Hope… despite our sin

Most of us suffer from Imposter Syndrome, the whisper that says we’re not good enough. And the voice isn’t telling lies. We mess up too often.

But that’s not the final truth…

Stay Curious. Try Alpha.

If you’ve got questions about faith please do come along, whether you’re just exploring Christianity or you’re a Christian who wants a safe place to ask questions, we’d love to have you join us for our next Alpha!

What if life was simpler? (Part 1)

Religious people have become experts at making spiritual practises complicated. They get twisted by our motives as well as the lengths we go to make ourselves look better than we are.

What if we could just keep it simple? More normal? What would be gained?

What if we reacted differently? (Part 2)

Israel knew that murder was wrong – but Jesus puts his finger on the contempt we can feel for one another when they don’t match up to our expectations.

Think of the outrage on social media at times.

He warns us of the consequences of those reactions, urges us to put things right with one another and uses an everyday example (making a last minute court settlement) to demonstrate how important our relationships are.

man holding a sign: The Vine Community Hub - We Are Open!

The Vine Community Hub is now open!

We’re open! Here’s details of what’s already happening at The Vine Community Hub, what we’ve got planned and how you can get involved…

The Rebuild – Who built the wall? We did.

Chapter 3 of Nehemiah includes the names of people who worked selflessly for the sake of others.

Some were not particularly prepared; some seemed to have a better deal than others. Together they rebuild.

They have a memory of how things should be, and they are determined to all work towards the restoration of what they had once known.

You may not feel equipped or trained, but you are given a place. What does it look like when you feel that your ‘place’ is not what you would want?