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Author: Julian Gittings

Love Makes Sense Of Differences

Paul’s extended reflection on why love is so central to the life of a church gives us a sense of what the church can offer a divided world.

We can be part of the answer, rather than adding to the problem.

Good News In The Season Of Storms: What Storms Reveal About Jesus

Matthew retells the story of Jesus stilling the storm as part of a group of stories about how Jesus confronts all manner of hell-bent evil.

He did it because we need to hold onto the core truth of Jesus’ authority over everything – especially when things seem to be going wrong.

Churches That Change The World: Costly Forgiveness

Let’s not fool ourselves: forgiveness always costs something. Always did, always will.

Relationships will occasionally rupture. Forgiveness is the way they can be repaired.

How do we do this?

Daring to Hope… for peace

This year we have seen the awful consequences of war in Europe. How do we continue to pray and hope for peace, when some seem to push for war?

Zechariah could see a king coming who would bring peace, not by force but through humility.

Jesus walked in those very footsteps.

He still does.

What if life was simpler? (Part 4)

What have we learnt about prayer over the years? Can it be as simple as Jesus makes out?

How do we handle the times when we ask, knock, seek but find that it all doesn’t work out as we thought it should?

Transformation of Mind, Heart, Body

It’s journey that takes a lifetime and is the most important journey we can take – the transformation of mind, heart and body.

Tune in to the Active Word

We believe that reading the Bible is one of the foundational ways to hear God speak to us. But how do we hear a word that we might find difficult to understand? How do we read well so we can hear well?

This is Jesus – The Nazarene

Jesus the Nazarene is the hope of the nations and the hope of us all, He has come that we may know freedom when all seems lost.

The Rebuild – Facing Opposition (Part 2)

How can reminding ourselves of our covenant relationships help us to see the bigger picture when we face opposition from within?

Stand Firm As A Leader

Timothy is given extensive guidance about what Christian maturity looks like, and how the mature folks can lead in church.

These are the people we are becoming, so how do we grow in those characteristics?

Recognising Our Interdependence – We Need Prophets

The work of rebuilding the temple had stalled for 16 years and it seemed like the work that God might not get finished.

It’s into this situation that two prophets, Haggai and Zechariah, come to share a message from God to the Jews.

What can we learn from this for our situations today?

Share Grace – Radical Acceptance

Hospitality challenges us to look past our own judgemental attitudes and radically accept one another, to become a community that transforms those around us.