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Author: Mary Causer

God of the waiting

Sometimes God works secretly and behind the scenes, but He will reveal His work to us when the time is right.

The bells keep ringing…

Peace will come, and the restlessness will disappear, but while we wait… ‘The bells will keep ringing peace on earth and good will to men’

The vulnerability of mission

Being told to ‘Go’ by Jesus would have filled the 72 disciples with a range of emotions. They would go with a sense of vulnerability.

Do something new – Prayer

Prayer shapes us, teaches us to pray on behalf of others, and causes us to stop and listen. Let’s train our minds to pray with others in mind.

The Spirit-Shaped Life >> Joy

The Spirit-Shaped Life >> Joy

Some days it’s difficult to find joy. But we’re called to rejoice in the Lord. Even in trials, the joy of the Lord will stop a descent into despair…

Living practically (1 Thessalonians 5:12 – 5:28)

What does the Christian life look like in practice? What are the foundations on which we make decisions and develop a Christ-formed lifestyle?

So what did you expect singleness to look like?

We expect love to lead to partners for life, but it may not have done, or the partner left us, or died and we ended up single… How do we make sense of that?

CAP Money Course

Looking for help controlling your finances?

A course to help anyone to get more in control of their finances, so they can save, give and prevent debt.

Alpha | Keep searching

Bear Grylls on how to survive The Alpha Course

Have you got worries about coming along to our next Alpha Course? Well help is on hand, as Bear Grylls gives his advice on how to survive…

Christmas Alive

This Saturday, 22nd December, from 4-6pm at The Vine Cafe, come and experience the Nativity come to life as Christmas Alive returns!

The Big Welcome

The Big Welcome (Sunday 23rd September)

We’d love you to join us and experience for yourself a church that will offer both vibrant worship, space to think, and if needed crèche and Sunday school.

Mary’s Hopes & Dreams for 2012 [#HD12]

My hopes & dreams, and also some challenges, for 2012.