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Author: Morag Peacock

Receive Grace – An Undemanding Guest

Jesus is coming for tea. There’s so much to prepare for such an important guest.

But Jesus is the most undemanding of guests, and what He wants more than a great meal and a spotless house is to spend time with you.

Will you make time for Him?

Kids Resources – Acts 8:26-40

This week we continue with the book of Acts and we’re at the part in Chapter 8 where Philip meets the Ethiopian in his chariot (because he obeys the angel’s instructions and then the Spirit), and leads him to the saving faith Jesus gives, baptises him and then vanishes leaving the Ethiopian rejoicing.

It’s another radical account with plenty in it for us to consider. ‘Let’s go!’, as the young ones say…

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Keeping each other safe at Salford Elim Church