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Tag: Amos

The restoring God (Amos 9)

The prophet had warned the people about their complacency but they took no notice. Is there any hope when things have all gone wrong?

The lion’s people (Amos 7-8)

To be a prophetic people, we need to be ready to speak up for those who have no voice of their own.

The religion-threatening God (Amos 5-6)

Amos knew that people loved worshipping, singing new songs, the sense of God being near to us. But he also knew they could easily be fooling themselves.

The passionate God (Amos 3-4)

It’s difficult to get the full sense of Amos’ portrayal of the passion of God, trying to get the attention of his people in ways we might feel were extreme.

The awesome God (Amos 1-2)

Amos is an uncomfortable read. But we need to be discomforted from time to time. Religion can be dangerous when it makes you think that you’re always right.


Amos is a book of burning anger. God’s anger. It’s not comfortable reading. But he, and the other prophets, are voices we need to hear to keep us on track.

Amos: An introduction

Here’s a short introduction to the book of Amos, which we’re looking at over the next few weeks in our Sunday morning services at Salford Elim Church.