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The Wisdom Of The Cross

The Wisdom Of The Cross: We Were Saved; We Are Saved; We Will Be Saved

What difference does the cross actually make to the past, present and future of the human race and the material world?

The Wisdom Of The Cross

The Wisdom Of The Cross: What Did It Achieve?

What did the cross actually achieve? It stripped the authorities of their powers and broke the chains of things that hold us.

Cross-Shaped Disciples (Mark 10:32-45)

Jesus tells the disciples how he will change everything by dying on the cross & rising from the dead, but two mishear think only of their own future.

Can You See The Cross?

Can You See The Cross? (Mark 8:34-9:1)

Jesus continues to develop the implications of what it means to be a disciple. There’s no way around this – we have to walk the same road as Jesus.

It Is Finished

It is finished.


A series of images created to go with the song ‘Why’ by Nichole Nordeman, from our Easter service a couple of years ago. [youtube]EOS5j_gUqII[/youtube]

My Last Day

I’d be interested to know what you think of this anime video based on Jesus’ crucifixion.

Nothing But Love

I recently found my mind returning to this music video, which I originally posted a few months ago. It retells the Easter story in a 21st century setting. Watch it all the way through – I think it’s pretty powerful…

Nothing But Love

This music video tells the story of the crucifixion in a 21st century setting. I think it’s pretty powerful – what do you think?

Coming To The Cross

This “Coming to the Cross” 24/2 prayer is about reflection; a space and time to come and remember again the sacrifice that Jesus made for us. It will also be a time for us to think about our church, think and pray over the different ministries we are a part of, and remember how the…
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