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Tag: Mark

Jesus and Big Questions: What is the Greatest Commandment?

The last and, perhaps most important, question posed to Jesus was this: “What is the greatest commandment?” Jesus’ response was clear and simple…

Jesus and Big Questions: Life After Death?

The Sadducees didn’t believe in resurrection but they asked Jesus about it to trip him up. It gave him a chance to explore what life after death means.

Jesus and Big Questions: Whose Side Are You On?

The tax question was designed to see which side Jesus was on; the Romans, or the Jews. But he sidesteps the question, because he’s building a new kingdom. How does this help us in our workplaces?

Jesus and Big Questions: Who Do You Think You Are?

Who do you think you are? The question that always disturbs those who feel they have the most to lose.

What is Jesus Doing? (Mark 11:12-19)

This is more than a bad day, Jesus is stopping business as usual to offer the chance of something new. That was the threatening thing. It still is.

Can You See? (Mark 10:46-11:11)

The crowds can see the blessing that Jesus could bring. The authorities can only see problems. What can you see?